What is Camp Woodbrooke?

Camp Woodbrooke is a small, non-profit, coed summer camp, located on 162 acres in the unglaciated area of Wisconsin near Richland Center. It was founded in 1980 by a Quaker couple, now retired and living nearby. In 2006, the operations were transferred to a non-profit group that seeks to continue the vision of the founders. Rooted in Quaker traditions of simplicity, harmony, peace, responsibility, and equality, the campers and staff strive to integrate these values into the various activities that occupy us from the rising bell to the fall of night. However, we cherish and respect our many non-Quaker campers and are not evangelical in our approach. Camp Woodbrooke is unique in its emphasis on living in community, and its devotion to diversity and fostering the growth of the whole person.

It is clear that Camp Woodbrooke is different from the very first moment. The bold simplicity of the cabins and other buildings becomes a source of great comfort, nurturing a safe and sacred place for children. A planning board where everyone makes cooperative decisions for the day’s activities and gathering each morning at the circle in the woods to sing, reflect and listen to the surrounding natural sounds, of silence, allows the community to focus before beginning the rush of activities. Work crews, swimming, non-competitive games, sports, art, projects, and sundry physical activities take place, along with community meetings, and time for reflection. The garden is an integral part of camp and meals.

Because people are accepted for who they are; differences are seen as doorways rather than walls. Daily crews build a sense of self-worth and responsibility for others. At Woodbrooke, we all encourage each other to be the most complete human possible. From helping raise animals, to working in the garden, to making cookies, to hiking and camping, everyone has the opportunity to try something new and succeed. Woodbrooke seeks to co-create a nurturing place where children take appropriate risks and gain confidence.

  • Camp Woodbrooke enriches the lives of children and teens in a summer camp experience. Our core values stem from the Quaker community: a caring, safe place where children develop skills in personal and group responsibility that respects the worth of each individual.
  • Campers gain creative exploration of the natural environment.
  • Campers understand and value themselves and their own unique worth.
  • Campers and staff form a community based on Friends’ principles.
  • Campers appreciate the wonders of the natural world.