Test page for images

Below is column block. It’s not under common blocks but you can find it if you open some of the other kinds of blocks.

“Before” text


“After” text

I clicked the 3 vertical dots in the image area and then “Insert Before” to get this text here.

I clicked “Insert after” to put this below the image.

More text below the image.

I installed a plugin called Kadence Block. Below I inserted I Kadence block > layout and chose the 3 column layout. Click the Kadence Block Controls icon next to the gear (top right) and then Block Defaults >Column, to change padding/margin. I haven’t really played with it but try it and see what happens. Here’s the site for the plug-in which might help you. There’s a video tutorial.

“Insert Before” text

This is a paragraph block added below the image, made italic & bold and aligned center.

Aha! 2 images and a text area in one column!

This one is just a paragraph. Then I hit Enter and clicked the + to add an image.

I can choose a Heading block instead of a paragraph block!!!