Camp Woodbrooke Staff

  • Cabin Counselor
  • Teen Session Counselor/Trip Leader
  • Kitchen Staff
  • Helpers
  • Internships
each of the above would like to a unique page. do we really do internships? should “teen session counselor” be re-identified as “trip leader”? – I’d rather not have unique pages, but click-jumps (is that a thing? Where you click on a menu at the top, and it jumps down to that thing on the page?). I think (I might be making this up) that sometimes college kids HAVE to do an internship, and we’re just saying we can classify their employment as such…? We could, I’d guess, change it to “Paid Internships”. YES, we should change Teen Session Counselor to Teen Trip Leader.Molly Yeah, using those sorts of jumps would be a good thing to try. Maybe Vicki can show us how. re: internships – ok, that makes sense. It might help us get staff. I agree about calling it a paid internship. — sara

Camp Woodbrooke’s staff members are enthusiastic about living in a small, close knit, diverse community where each person is valued and treated with dignity and respect. They are enthusiastic about working with children, are committed to living simply in harmony with nature; they design creative activities that help children know and love the outdoors. Staff members work to foster cooperation, teambuilding, and a sense of community within the camp and serve as a role model to others.

Camp Woodbrooke, Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All employment and personnel actions are taken without regard to race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual preference, ancestry, age, veteran status, or any physical or mental disability unless one or more of these factors is a bona fide job qualification. Discrimination or harassment is prohibited.

Camp Woodbrooke is a very small camp with at most 34 campers, 10 cabin counselors, and 2 teen trip counselors. Cabin counselors live in rustic, open-sided cabins with up to six campers and one other counselor or helper. At Camp Woodbrooke everyone participates in the day-to-day life of the camp helping with food preparation, clean up, gardening, care of pets and cleaning the cabins and washhouses so counselors must be ready to participate in each of these areas. In addition, it is hoped that each counselor has special skills in some of the following areas: arts and crafts, woodworking, cooking, camp craft, nature, skits, group games, swim instruction, gardening, life guard, overnight tenting, music and archery. See Note 3 below for special salary bonuses.

Why work at Camp Woodbrooke?

  • You’ll have lots of opportunities to be creative with the activities you lead.
  • You’ll get many leadership and growth opportunities because each person in our small community contributes to the smooth running of camp.
  • You’ll experience deep connections with children and your peers.
  • You’ll live closely with nature.
  • Available Positions – TBD for 2021
  • Internships can be accommodated in most positions. See below for position descriptions.