Dates and Fees

Program Dates and Fees
2021 Dates To Be Announced
Fees below are for 2020. 2021 Fees TBD

(we should upload any pdfs we want to make available for download. Then we could put clickable links below. I feel that this should include the clothing/equipment lists. The text about that below is taken from Stan’s site and says that we’ll send that out once registration is accepted. I feel we should make it available up front. What do you think?) I 100% agree. I think the big thing that bogs it down is that Jill and/or Stan want to change it every year depending on the Teen Trip. But we should have a Teen CANOE clothing/eqpt list, and a Teen BIKE clothing/eqpt list. Otherwise it should be standard year to year. I think those lists and the health form that requires a signature are the only pdfs…? Otherwise if folks can’t/won’t register on-line, they can request pdfs. I don’t want them on the site because I kind of want to force people’s hands to go on-line. Your thoughts about not providing info via pdf makes sense. re: Stan/Jill making changes and things getting bogged down as a result – let’s talk about this part cuz I’m not sure I understand exactly what you’re referring to. In terms of layout, if you want to replicate the layout you have on the home page of “site A,” I’m wondering whether the “Read More” links to “young camper” and “teen trips” might lead to unique pages rather than to the same page for both. I think that the more folks have to scroll to find info, the less likely they’ll be to do so. Lots of stuff to be discussed about how to present this information. –sara

Young Camper

Teen Camper

Registration Information

Camper Early Registration discounts (on or before March 1)
will be applied automatically. I changed these discounts to be a bullet list – Molly

  • $25 for a one week session
  • $50 for a two week session.

Register more than one family member, or
register a camper for two sessions, and receive
a discount for the second or third family member or
the second session.
Please enter the following discount codes when you register online:

  • FAMILY1 for the second one week Young Camper session
  • $35 off the second family member
  • FAMILY2 for the second two week Young Camper session
  • $65 off the second family member OR
  • TEEN for the second Teen session for one camper
  • $70 off the second Teen family member.
  • DOUBLE for the second session if you register a camper for two sessions ($200 off the second session)

On-line registration offers a Payer Protection Plan. While it is available for your Camp Woodbrooke camper fees it is NOT required. You may opt to decline it.

Clothing & Equipment Lists

The clothing and equipment lists will normally be sent to you after receipt and acceptance of the Registration Form. 


Some financial assistance is available through the Camp Woodbrooke Financial Assistance Fund.   There is also a 5% discount for the 2nd and 3rd (and 4th) children in a family.  Please contact us if you have questions. 

If you have a scholarship request, please download
the form below and send it in.
When your application is approved, you will receive a letter
with the approval and additional required forms.

Camp Fee Payment

A deposit is payable with registration – non-refundable after May 1. One half of the balance is due May 1, and the remainder on or before arrival at camp. For campers wishing to attend more than one session, pick-up arrangements must be made for the change-over weekend.
If you have trouble with our on-line registration, please contact us.

If you have any questions or comments
about this process, please email
We would like to hear from you how this process works.