About Camp Woodbrooke

As a menu item on the home page, this could be called “About Us.” Each of the Headers below would be a clickable link to another page of that name. I like the idea of calling it, “About Us”, definitely with a clickable link to another page of that name – Molly

If “About Us” is a home page menu item, then the menu item itself could be the clickable link. The option would still exist to have a pulldown menu appear with clickable links to the other items listed below. Another option might be that “About Us” in the home page menu would simply lead to that page and then the other items would be linked from within the “About Us” page. These could be tied to small segments of text which might invite the reader to click the links to learn more. Or there could be graphics to draw their attention to the topics. (Does that make sense? — sara

What Is Camp Woodbrooke?

I think the above section should be sure to include some history. Yes – Molly

Camp Videos Is there something we could call this besides “Camp Videos”? That’s just too on-the-nose for my taste. I’m thinking we could have pictures in a slideshow, and videos all accessible from one page, and call it “Camp Photo Album”, or “Camp Scrapbook”. – Molly

Event Schedule

Who Are the Staff? “Meet our staff”…? – Molly


Family Camp

About Our Facilities

Corporate Information

maybe we’d want to include a page about what campers find special about CW? DEFINITELY! “Camper Testimonials”, or “Camper Memories” – Molly