About our facilities

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Camp Woodbrooke is located on 162 acres about 7 miles southwest of Richland Center, Wisconsin. The property includes a mixture of meadow and woodland centered on a secluded valley in southern Wisconsin’s Driftless Area (land that was never glaciated). The hillsides surrounding this valley belong to camp and add to the quiet beauty of the camp’s location.


The barn is the main structure at camp.  It was built in the 1880’s and has been refitted and modernized to suit camp needs.  This is where you’ll eat your meals and plan the day’s activities.  Downstairs is the dining room, kitchen, and camp office.  The upstairs has been converted into a large activity room with games, puzzles, pingpong table and library.  The infirmary and camp director’s apartment are also upstairs. 


The cabins are nestled in the woods.  They are primitive open-faced design with 8 built-in bunks and shelves for personal belongings.  There are 5 or 6 campers with 2 staff in each of 6 cabins.  You really get to know people in your cabin.  It’s a great place to make friends!  When campers are asked if these cabins should be closed up or made more sophisticated, most insist on keeping them just this way!


Once a week every cabin group goes on an overnight campout located in the 162 acres of woods that surround the camp.  On the campout you have a campfire with marshmallows and apples and tell stories or sing.  You can sleep in a tent or out under the stars.  There are berries to pick for your breakfast and fun to be had in a smaller group out away from the main camp.  Occasionally, a cabin group will decide to go for minimum impact camping and will go to a new spot to learn these


The pond is spring fed with two swimming sections divided from the deeper canoeing area.  It is a great place to learn to swim (or improve your skills).  There is a a lifeguard and a buddy board where you turn your tag over if you are swimming.  You can play games in the water, look for pond life, or build sand castles on the beach.  We offer basic canoe instruction for all.


The showerhouse is between the boys’ and girls’ cabins on the hill overlooking the Barn.  The boys’ side and girls’ side each have hot and cold running water, showers and flush toilets.  There are individual shelves and towel racks for campers’ toiletries.  The warm water is solar heated using a system that was completely upgraded and rebuilt in 2009.

Camp location – map/directions